Two investigations have been launched into an alleged spousal abuse incident in Manchester that was recently circulated on social media.

Police say they were restrained until recently when they located the social media user who posted the alleged attack.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dahlia Garrick, is the Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU.

DSP Garrick says the alleged female victim has since been located by the police in the parish.

DSP Dahlia Garrick, Head of CCU, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

DSP Garrick says steps have been taken to protect the social media user who reported the incident to the police.

The  social media user told Nationwide News attempts to get help from the police for her neighbour were futile.

She says the police asked her at one point what were they to do about the report and hung up on her.

She told our newscentre she feared the worst as her neighbour went silent following the alleged fight.

The female says hours later when the police arrived they waited at the apartment gate for a short while before leaving.

The woman told our newscentre she was very disappointed in the service offered by the police that night.