The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry resumed today with a resident of Tivoli Gardens testifying that she saw when police personnel killed two brothers during the May 2010 operation to capture Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The witness, Veronica Muirhead says she was at home with her two sons on May 25, when security personnel came and ordered them outside.

She says her sons were taken to a safe area.

But as we hear in this report from Rashona Fitz-Henley, the woman says when she went outside, she witnessed one of the most traumatic incidents of her life.

The circumstances surrounding the murder of two young men during the hunt for Dudus, has been one of the most contentious issues, since the enquiry began on December 1, last year.

The mother of the men, Jane McFarlane has already testified that her children were killed by the Police.

Her testimony has been corroborated by two members of the Jamaica Defence Force, including one who testified that he saw the men being killed by Police personnel.

Today Veronica Muirhead testified that she too witnessed the men being murdered.

She says that after killing one brother, the Police snuffed out the life of the other.

Ms. Muirhead also told the Enquiry that she witnessed the murder of another man.

She says that man had been instructed by the Police to throw the body of one of the brothers onto a truck.