Health Minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson says international experts are to arrive in Jamaica shortly to help the Government respond to the outbreaks of the deadly Serratia and Klebsiella infections.

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Staff at the Health Ministry packed the press conference room at Jamaica House this morning.

They applauded the presentations delivered by Dr. Ferguson and his senior technocrats.

The Health Minister told the media briefing that he’s determined to correct infection control weaknesses facing the public healthcare system.

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Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Health Minister addressing a media briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister today.

Meantime, head of Microbiology at the UHWI, Dr Allison Nicholson, also addressed the media briefing.

Dr. Nicholson said the babies possibly became infected with the Serratia and Klebsiella bacteria through a combination of human contact along with unsanitary environment and equipment.

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