Licensed firearm holders who are travelling abroad can now leave their guns in temporary storage at a police station near to them.

Previously, licensed firearm holders could leave their guns at the airport before departing to their destination.

However, the Police High Command says over time, there was not enough space to store the hundreds of guns being left at the airport.

The High Command has given new guidelines on how licensed firearm holders should proceed if they wish to leave their firearms at the police station for safe keeping.

First, licensed firearm holders must make a formal request to their Divisional Commander.

They should provide the police with all the relevant documents for the weapon, as well as a current telephone number and address.

The weapon should be placed in a firearm case or gun envelope.

The Police must then provide the licensed firearm holder with a Receipt indicating the serial number of the firearm.

The High Command says weapons left at the police station beyond 30 days will be handed over to the Firearms Licensing Authority for storage at the owner’s expense.

Storage at the FLA costs $300 a month for handguns, and $500 a month for shotguns.

The Police say they will continue to work with organizers of major events to make provisions for safekeeping of firearms, and will send out public advisories prior to the events.

They’re warning licensed gun holders not to leave their weapons in their vehicles, or in safes at home without adequate security for prolonged periods of time.

This could result in gun holders being charged for negligence.