There’s anger in sections of law enforcement this afternoon following the move by the Court to sentence an alleged gangster to 9-months in prison after he was found guilty of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

The convict, Jamar Bartley, was sentenced today in St. Ann’s Bay Parish Court.

Police sources say Bartley is believed to be a member of the feared Hollywood Gang which operates in St. Ann and its environs.

Bartley is otherwise known as Tattie.

He will only spend an additional month in prison because he was first detained and remanded eight months ago.

Bartley is from an area of Steer Town , St. Ann which is known as Hollywood.

He’s been on the radar of the Police for several years in connection with several murders and shootings allegedly committed by the gang.

He was charged in July 2020 for Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.

Bartley was arrested and charged after he was pursued and intercepted by members of a joint Police military operation and found in possession of a loaded illegal gun.

He pleaded guilty today and was sentenced to under a year in prison.

It’s understood that the perceived light sentenced is not being well received by members of the JCF who are lamenting the seriousness nature of gun crimes in Jamaica and the short space of time within which some gangsters are allowed to return to the streets.