In a desperate effort to sustain economic recovery, the Small Business Association of Jamaica, SBAJ, is urging the government not to consider a complete lock down of the country.

This comes after the Medical Association of Jamaica, MAJ, suggested that the government may have to consider a lockdown to control the spread.

SBAJ President, Michael Lecky, is hoping it doesn’t come to that.

More in this report from Hykel Nunes.

MAJ President, Dr. Andrew Manning told our News Center yesterday afternoon that the government may soon have to consider a lock down of the country.

But Mr. Lecky says a total lock down would mean lights out for the sector.

He explains that aggressive policing may be a better option at this time.

The SBAJ president is pleading with the government to maintain the balance between sustaining the health of the population and economic recovery.

He notes that the sector is struggling.

Mr. Lecky is calling on the government to implement the ticketing system urgently.

He adds that, issuing sanctions will help people to understand the importance of adhering to the protocols.