Disgruntled taxi operators in Portmore, St.Catherine this morning blocked a major road in protest against what they’re calling unfair treatment by the police.

The disgruntled drivers say the police are working with a wrecker company to tow their vehicles.

The taxi operators blocked Dawkins Avenue.

That road is minutes away from the Waterford and Bridgeport police stations.

One taxi operator says the police are even impounding registered vehicles.

Another taxi operator says operators are forced to pay a fee of 20-thousand dollars for the return of their vehicles.

The taxi operator says not all of the police in the division are involved in the practice.

Both taxi operators were speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, not all the demonstrating taxi operators are disgruntled with the police.

One taxi operator says some of his colleagues don’t use designated areas for drop-offs.

He’s calling on the authorities to provide more of these areas.