President of the Jamaica Olympic Association Chris Samuda in reacting to news that the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games has been postponed, says the International Olympic Committee was left with no choice at this time.

It was only 24 hours ago that the IOC under pressure from several member associations and athletes said they would make a decision on the status of the games in four weeks after consulting with the key stakeholders.

However, a combination of mounting pressure and the continuous spread of the COVID-19 proved too much and the decision was made to postpone the games until next year.

Samuda in speaking to Nationwide Sports today, says the decision could not have come earlier because the IOC needed to wait on the best medical advice.

So now that the biggest sporting spectacle in the world will not be held this year, what is his advice to the athletes who have been training for the games.

President of the Jamaica Olympic Association Chris Samuda.

This is the second time in history that an Olympic Games scheduled for Tokyo has been affected….the 1940 games were canceled because of world war two.

Two other Olympics were also canceled because of world war two, the 1994 and 1916 games.