The man found guilty of killing well-known fashion designer, Dexter Pottinger, has been sentenced to 12-years in prison.

Twenty-three-year- old Romario Brown was handed the sentence today for the offence of manslaughter and two lesser crimes for which he was found gulity.

During the sentencing proceedings in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston, three of Pottinger’s siblings wept openly as a victim statement was read into the record.

An emotionless Brown sat in the dock with his head down and at one point read from a small blue New Testament Bible.

Tauna Thomas was in court and files this report

Brown was this afternoon sentenced for manslaughter, larceny from a dwelling and simple larceny.

The offences are in relation to the stabbing death of Mr. Pottinger on August 29, 2017 at his home in St. Andrew.

Brown, in a confessing to the Police, says Mr. Pottinger made sexual advances at him while he was at his house one night.

The Post mortem reports say the fashion designer was stabbed 25 times.

Following the incident, Brown took a shower, stole Pottinger’s TV, a watch and his car.

For the charge of manslaughter, he has been sentenced to 12 years.

Presiding Judge, Justice Lorna Shelly Williams, in her ruling established that her starting point was 20-years.

Justice Williams offered a 25-per cent reduction, bringing the prison term to 15-years.

She then applied a year and 8 months reduction for the time he has already spent in custody.

Another reduction of 1-year and 4-months was also applied after she took into consideration mitigating factors which included the fact that Brown was young, had a good social enquiry report and he did not steal the weapon used to stab and kill Pottinger.

For the lesser offences, Brown was sentenced to 4 years for larceny from the dwelling and 1-year for simple larceny.

All the sentences are to run concurrently which means Brown is to serve 12-years in total.

The factors considered by the presiding judge were raised by Brown’s defence team which include Senior attorney Donald Bryan and his junior Alexander Shaw.

Mr. Bryan had also asked for Justice Shelly Williams to consider the sentencing guidelines in relation to manslaughter and the circumstances under which Pottinger was killed.

Justice Shelly Williams did not consider the sentencing guidelines.

She also cited as aggravating factors the number of times Pottinger was stabbed, the fact that Brown stole Pottinger’s belongings and did not plead guilty on the first occasion.

Meanwhile, a sombre mood enveloped the courtroom this afternoon as Pottinger’s siblings struggled to complete the reading of a victim statement.

The fashion designer’s siblings Lakeisha Aarons, Ta-Shan Adams and Dante Aarons were present in court.

Ms. Aarons said they’re on the verge of losing Pottinger’s home.

She said her brother was the main provider in the family and since his death they’ve been struggling financially.

She also told the court that her mother has been displaced and their bills are mounting.

This she says has resulted in their mother going through what she described as a stage of depression.

Ms. Aarons says she too has to pretend her brother is on an extended vacation to cope.

Mr. Pottinger who was affectionately called Dex or 3D was known in the fashion industry for his creativity and unique sense of style.