Two principals of the newly-listed QWI Investments are calling on the authorities to make it easier for the small man to invest on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, JSE.

QWI Chairman John Jackson and Board Member John Mahfood, made the call at the company’s listing ceremony yesterday morning.

QWI becomes the fifth company to list on the main market of the JSE this year.

QWI Chairman, John Jackson, says he’s a strong believer in the ownership of stocks.

Mr. Jackson says he’s personally seen what it can do in creating wealth that transforms people’s lives and the future of companies, but he says the government should ensure that more people get the message.

Nearly five thousand people bought shares in QWI during the Initial Public Offer, IPO.

However, QWI Director, John Mahfood, says investing needs to become easier for the small man, who’s often still left out.

Mr. Mahfood agrees that people need to be taught about investing from a young age.

QWI closed its first day of trading today at $1.46, an increase of 8%.