The police are intensifying their investigations into the murder of Jamar Ballentine.

Ballentine is the son of imprisoned dancehall entertainer, Ninja Man.

Police reports are that Jamar Ballentine was gunned down on Olympic Way in St. Andrew a few days ago. The incident occured at approximately 9:00 in the morning.

Ballentine was carried to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Reports are Ballentine went to observe the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident when he was attacked. Ballentine is otherwise known as Ratty.

He lived at Lower Mall Road in the Corporate Area. The motive for Ballentine’s murder is not immediately clear.

In 2020, Ballentine had made several court appearance in connection with a criminal charge. Balletine was accused of possession of identity information in breach of the country’s anti-lotto scam laws.

The status of the case, which had been mounted against Ballentine, is not immediately clear.