The former top tier member of the Klansman gang and second witness in the trial today revealed riveting details that members of the gang would congregate and confess their killings in his presence.

He made the revelation detailing the confessions of at least one member, Fabian Johnson, during cross examination this afternoon in the Home Circuit Court.

The witness was being cross-examined by Lynden Wellesley who’s representing Johnson otherwise known as ‘Crocs’.

Today is day 27 of the trial.

According to the witness, ‘Crocs’ told the group that the man called Doan was killed by members of the gang.

The witness told the court that Crocs confessed to walking around with Doan’s head in a bucket for days.

The witness says Doan was a member of what he calls the ‘Tesha Gang’ .

He says Doan was killed by members of the One Don faction in Ocho Rios, St Ann.

The witness claims Doan met his demise in bushes.

According to the witness the gang was after Doan as he was ‘the one giving the most trouble.’

The witness claims Johnson also known as ‘Crocs’ told him about this killing more than once.

The top tier member turned state witness also revealed that during the round table confessions the members would sit and brag how much ‘duppy dem have on ice and who dem a go kill next.’

The witness says mention of the confession sessions was given in his statement.

Meanwhile, the witness in another revelation told the court that while working with the police he lied to the reputed leader, Andre “Blackman” Bryan and members of the gang that he was arrested during the State of Emergency in St. James.

This, he says, is the story he told when Bryan started asking about two guns that he had purchased for the gang.

According to the witness he handed over two of the gang’s guns to the police when he started assisting the lawmen in their investigations.

Those guns, a hand gun and a rifle, were reportedly bought to carry out further shootings.

However the state witness says he lied to Bryan and the members and told them he was detained under the SOE and sold the guns to pay his legal fees.

He says this lessened the gang members asking repeatedly about the missing firearms.

Cross-examination of the witness continues at 10:00 am tomorrow.