Protestors gathered outside Gordon House yesterday morning in an effort to force legislators to pass into law the Sexual Harassment Bill.

The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts has been placed into the national spotlight after multiple allegations of sexual harassment were leveled at one of the fine arts institution’s male lecturers.

A female lecturer from the tertiary institution and one of the alleged victims of abuse organised the protest. They were joined by the advocacy group; Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ.

Communication and PR Officer at JFJ, Lloyd Grant, says the protestors were invited into yesterday’s sitting of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC, by its chairman, Dr Wykeham Mcneil.

Mr. Grant says the Sexual Harassment Bill will help to deter sexual assault and harassment.

Lloyd Grant, Communication & PR Officer at Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, speaking with Nationwide News yesterday.

A former Edna Manley College lecturer, Maluwa Williams Myers, says she’s pleased that at least one student is willing to speak out. It was revealed yesterday that one of the alleged victims of the male lecturer’s unwarranted sexual advances is to appear before an in- camera sitting of Parliament’s PAAC.

However, PAAC Chairman Dr Wykeham McNeil, revealed that most of the committee’s members voted to deny the alleged victim’s previous request to appear before the PAAC.

Mrs. Williams-Myers says speaking out can prevent future sexual harrassent.

Maluwa Williams Myers, former lecturer at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.