The leadership of the governing PNP is at this hour locked in a meeting, as it’s facing the threat of legal action from its embattled Deputy General Secretary and MP for North East St. Elizabeth, Raymond Pryce.

The threat from Mr. Pryce to take his party to court, comes amid plans to stage a candidate selection conference in the constituency on Saturday.

Mr. Pryce is being challenged by businessman, Evon Redman, for the right to represent the PNP in the seat at the next general election.

Speaking to our news center shortly before news time, Chairman of the PNP’s Region 5, Mikhail Phillips, said the PNP officer corps is now meeting to discuss reports that Raymond Pryce is ready to take the party to court.

Pryce and his supporters have reportedly indicated that they are ready to apply to the Court for an order to delay tomorrow’s contest.

But Mr. Phillips says as far as he’s aware, Saturday’s selection exercise is still on.

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Calls placed to Mr. Pryce’s mobile phone were not answered.

But our news center has obtained a copy of a letter sent to the PNP secretariat by a supporter of Mr. Pryce, Daphne Holmes.

Miss Holmes is the former Mayor of Black River.

In the letter she says Evon Redman is unqualified to challenge Pryce, as he’s not a part of what she described as an internal group.

Miss Holmes says Pryce’s camp is concerned that the names of several dead persons have been included on the delegates list to be used in tomorrow’s selection exercise.

Meanwhile supporters of Evon Redman say they are ready for the candidate selection exercise.

One delegate told our news center this afternoon that all interested parties have been asked by the PNP hierarchy to remain calm.

But he says he cannot stay calm as delegates are angry at Mr. Pryce and his supporters for contemplating Court action.

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