Psychiatrist and Professor of Mental Health at the University of the West Indies Dr. Wendel Abel says research has revealed that psychosocial support is the key coping mechanism in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this, the final in a Nationwide News two part report on the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health, we are zoom in on coping mechanisms.

According to Dr. Abel, while the Covid-19 pandemic requires social distancing and isolation, people have an innate desire for communicating with social groups such as family and friends.

However he explained that people have to find a safe way to support each other such as using online modalities.

Hykel Nunes has more in this report.

Questions have arisen as to why persons are attending parties or gathering in large groups in the middle of a pandemic.

Dr. Abel explained that isolation can have dire implications on mental health.

He says Jamaicans need psycho-social support to cope.

According to Dr. Abel while vaccination is important, support groups will play a vital role in preserving the mental health of the citizen.

The psychiatrist explained that the government has an essential role to play in facilitating safe interaction between support groups such as churches and the general public.