The police say 32-year-old Rushane Williams otherwise called ‘Rat’, ‘Ratty’ and ‘Rat Face’ of Sauni District in Clarendon has been slapped with several charges following an incident in Cocoa Piece in the parish on Wednesday, January 25.

Williams has been charged with wounding with intent, unauthorised possession of prohibited Weapon, unauthorised possession of ammunition and using a prohibited weapon to commit a felony.

It is reported that Williams was allegedly among men, who entered a man’s home about 5:30 in the morning in search of another relative.

The police say their search was unsuccessful, which resulted in them opening gunfire hitting the man before escaping in the area.

The police were summoned and the injured man taken to hospital, where he was treated.

Investigations led to Williams’ arrest on Friday, June 09 and he was subsequently charged following an identification parade during which he was pointed out on Thursday, June 15.