Senior Medical Officer at the Savanna-la-Mar Public Hospital, Dr. Alfred Dawes, says Jamaica’s health sector is missing out on valuable donations because of too much red tape.

Dr. Dawes, who’s also the Immediate Past President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, says many international donors have become frustrated with the situation and decided to walk away.

He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

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Dr. Dawes raised concerns about deficiencies in Jamaica’s healthcare system, during his tenure as President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association last year.

He says since then, many persons and organizations have stepped forward to help, but are experiencing tremendous difficulty, particularly with the Customs Department.

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Meanwhile, Customs Commissioner Major Richard Reese says the government has taken steps to address these shortcomings.

He says the Charities Act, passed in 2013, was enacted specifically for this purpose.

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Major Reese says the Customs Department has also conducted a series of presentations in the Diaspora, to educate people about the process of making donations.

However, he says there are still concerns, especially when donors are unaware of the processes.

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