A Regional Alliance of Christian Organizations, Caribbean CAUSE, is raising concerns about a report that political parties in Guyana are promising to champion LGBTQ rights.

The comments were reported in an article by Lisa Hamilton and published on Tuesday in the Guyana Chronicle.

In response, Caribbean CAUSE is urging the people of Guyana to reject what it’s describing as the LGBT political agenda ahead of that country’s General and Regional Elections next Monday, March 2.

-According to the Guyana Chronicle article, a number of politicians made commitments to amend laws that discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

Pledges were also made to seek public consensus on the way forward with the controversial buggery law.

Some of the politicians also spoke favourably about implementing a comprehensive sexual education programme in schools.

In response, Caribbean CAUSE Jamaican Representative, Dr Wayne West, is calling on the Guyanese people to reject those plans.

According to Caribbean CAUSE, that ideology, which it says is being assisted by activists judges, puts the region on a dangerous and slippery slope towards the loss of fundamental human rights.

It says there is also a risk of Caribbean people losing freedom of speech, religious liberty and parental rights.

And, the Caribbean CAUSE Jamaican Representative says the Region is also staring down the barrel of the early indoctrination of children into dangerous sexual practices.

It’s why Dr West says these ideologies must not be used to construct a society.