Rescuers are searching for survivors in the wreckage of a 22-storey high-rise block that collapsed under construction in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.

At least five people have died and dozens are missing.

Despite heavy rain, rescue workers and locals used floodlights to work through the night, digging through rubble and twisted metal.

Four survivors have been pulled from the wreckage.

The partially built block of luxury apartments came down on Monday.

What caused the collapse and how many people are trapped under the debris remains unclear.

Local authorities have put an emergency rescue plan into place, and local officials have visited the site.

But according to BBC, Crowds of angry people accused authorities of not starting rescue efforts soon enough.

Some reports say the building, which had more than 20 storeys, was several floors higher than originally intended.

Many relatives are now anxiously waiting to hear whether their loved ones have survived.

In the meantime, local authorities have ordered an investigation into the collapse and pledged to make the final report public.