Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says hanging is very unlikely to be resumed Jamaica. due to existing legal barriers.

Minister Chuck comment on the issue today while he attended the launch of workers week at the Office of the Prime Minister.

National Security Minister Robert Montague announced last week that he has asked State Minister Pearnel Charles Junior to determine whether there are any legal impediments to the resumption of hanging in Jamaica.

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Montague’s Cabinet colleague Delroy Chuck, says while the review is well intentioned, Jamaica returning to implementing the death penalty is unlikely.

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Mr. Chuck says there are unsurmountable legal barriers to hanging being resumed in Jamaica.

He says these barriers include delays in disposing of cases and appeals by special interest groups.

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Mr. Chuck says the unlikelihood of persons being sent to the gallows will not change even if Jamaica leaves the UK based Privy Council and installs the CCJ as its final appellate court.

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In the meantime, Minister Chuck says it should be noted that even former supporters of capital punishment are now against the practice.

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Minister Chuck says in his view the best deterrent to crime is quick apprehension, trial and conviction of criminals.

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