President of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals, Linton Weir says his members are in a much more comfortable place now with the Education Ministry’s directive that schools should no longer charge auxiliary or mandatory fees.

Mr. Weir was addressed a media conference this afternoon, following a stakeholder consultation hosted by the Ministry of Education at the Jamaica Conference Center in Downtown Kingston.

The Principals Association had recently voiced its opposition to the policy saying it would put a strain on schools and lead to a deterioration in programmes and services.

Come September the Education Ministry will be paying almost $20,000 for each student in all public schools across the country.

The subvention is part of what Minister Reid calls a re-balancing exercise which will allow schools to provide core services to its students.

It represents an increase of $8,000 when compared to the $11,500 that schools were getting for each student.

As a result Education Minister, Ruel Reid says schools are barred from charging any mandatory fees which would prevent students from registering.

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Despite the new policy directive, Minister Reid says parents may still be encouraged to make contribution to schools in order to offset extra-curricular services and additional amenities.

The President of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals, Linton Weir, says he and his members now happy since there’s no regulatory framework that prevents them for asking parents to contribute to the development of schools.

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