Environmental Activist, Diana McCaulay Hanley, says the Riverton Waste Disposal site is a serious health hazard to everyone living in the Corporate Area and St Catherine.

She says it meets none of the required standards of a modern landfill.

Mrs McCaulay Hanley says there are other public health concerns associated with the landfill.

Diana McCaulay Hanley, Environmental Activist, addressing the Medical Association of Jamaica’s Annual Symposium and Awards Banquet at the Jamaica Pegasus, in Kingston.

In the meantime, Mrs McCaulay Hanley says residents of of the Corporate Area are being deprived of clean air, which she says is a basic human right.

She says there is no emission standards for motor vehicles, despite years of advocacy.

She says the laws on bush fires are confusing and one gets the run around whenever they call to report the matter.

The Environmental Activist says the entities charged with enforcing environmental laws, are failing to do so.

Diana McCaulay Hanley, Environmental Activist.