National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, says a Police Constable’s use of pepper spray on a Retired Senior Officer, who was driving without his license, was not unreasonable.

The incident that happened along Molynes Road, in St Andrew yesterday, has left many senior members of the Constabulary embarrassed.

An almost 7-minute long video circulating on social media shows the retired senior cop being pepper sprayed in his eyes after disobeying the Policeman’s request to exit his vehicle.

Minister Chang says the Senior cop did not behave appropriately.

He says it’s the type of behaviour noted among politicians and others who feel they are above the law.

The National Security Minister says it’s the Senior cop’s aggressive behaviour that caused the on duty policeman to use the pepper spray.

In the meantime, Minister Chang says there needs to be respect for the law and public order.

He notes that he’s paid several traffic fines for offences, without trying to use his influence to avoid doing so.

But Minister Chang says he’s had to urge some of his political colleagues not to use their influence to breach the law.

Dr Horace Chang, National Security Minister, speaking this morning on Cliff Hughes Online, with Mark Wignall.