The National Works Agency, NWA, is advising the public that continuous heavy rains are impacting several roadways in Trelawny, St. Catherine and St. Andrew.

The NWA says roads are being impacted by flooding, breakaways and landslides.

The NWA is urging motorists in Trelawny, to avoid the Wakefield to Bunkers Hill main road as the corridor is flooded in the vicinity of the Unity Primary School.

The road from Falmouth to Springvale, is also flooded and should be avoided by small vehicle operators.

They say a breakaway along the Wire Fence to Albert Town main road has also worsened.

The NWA says motorists should exercise extreme caution when using the corridor.

In St. Catherine, a section of the St. John’s Road has again been flooded. Caution is also being urged in using this corridor.

The road from Stony Hill to Toms River in St. Andrew is being impacted by a landslide in the Golden Spring area.

The landslide has reduced the road to single lane traffic.

The NWA says parish teams have been mobilised to respond where possible.