Opposition Leader Mark Golding has dismissed the decision by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to forego his upgraded salary, as an attempt at political distraction.

Speaking on Wednesday at a press conference, Mr. Golding repeated his call for the Prime Minister to roll back the increases which will see parliamentarians benefit from a huge increase in salaries.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

Gimmickry and an attempt at deflection.

That’s Mark Golding’s verdict on the announcement by Andrew Holness that he will not be drawing down the huge increase in salary he was due under the public sector compensation review exercise.

Mr. Golding says it’s unconscionable for the Holness administration to be rewarding parliamentarians so lavishly, when other workers in the public sector have to be scrapping with the government over benefits under the terms of their salary settlement.

Mark Golding is the only PNP member of the House who has indicated he will not be accepting the full amount of his new salary, vowing to give away 80-percent to charity. The other 13 PNP MPs have said nothing about foregoing their new salary, either in full or in part.

Still, the Opposition Leader wants the government to roll back the increases announced last Tuesday.