There are further indications that the Premier League Clubs Association is about to be replaced by a new body to look after the affairs of teams in the nation’s top-flight the Red Stripe Premier League.

Our sports department was told today that a letter with the blessings of nine of the current clubs will be taken to the Jamaica Football Federation indicating their desire to form a new body to represent the clubs.

It is understood that the group needs only seven clubs to agree to break away for it to be effected, when the PLCA was formed it had only one signature, that of the late Edward Seaga who was it’s only Chairman until he passed away last year.

The new body we are told will opt for a Neutral Chairman and won’t need the services of a Vice Chairman.

Currently the head of Humble Lion Mike Henry is Chairman of the PLCA with Harbour View’s head Carvel Stewart his deputy.

The rest of the  Red Stripe Premier League season 2019/20 was last  week cancelled in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic with four rounds of regular season games remaining, the league, like all other in the country, was deemed null and void.

The 2020/21 season is due to start in September.