Mayor of Mandeville, Donovan Mitchell says investigations launched into a second set of fraud allegations at the Manchester Municipal Corporation over a year ago, which led to the resignation of former Deputy Mayor, Ervin Facey, are ongoing.

He says the matter’s now before the Local Government Ministry.

And, Mayor Mitchell says he hasn’t asked about the length of time being taken to complete the probe, despite it being well over a year since the investigation was launched.

According to Mayor Mitchell, the matter has also been brought before the council.

And, he says the council’s asked that the Ministry handles the matter.

When asked what was being investigated,  the Mandeville Mayor said it may have been linked to matters of fraud.

He also says Mr Facey remains the local representative for the Spur Tree Division in Manchester.

Donovan Mitchell, Mayor of Mandeville, speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, calls placed to the Head of the Manchester Police Division, Superintendent Gary Francis and Auditor General, Pamela Munroe Ellis yesterday went unanswered.

And, when our news centre contacted the Financial Investigations Division, FID’s Chief Technical Director’s office, we were told by the Secretary that the CTD, Selvin Haye was in a meeting and couldn’t speak at the time.

She also advised that a senior officer at the FID advised that it’s a matter of policy that the Division doesn’t discuss with members of the media cases that are being investigated, whether ongoing or otherwise.

EDITORIAL NOTE: In our morning news we incorrectly reported that the Local Government Minister, Desmond Mckenzie has promised to provide an update on a probe underway at the Manchester Municipal Corporation. We apologize for the error and for any inconvenience caused.