JLP Public Relations Chairman, Senator Matthew Samuda, is rejecting plans by the PNP to hold an anti-corruption vigil as barefaced hypocrisy.

The PNP disclosed today that it will be staging an anti-corruption vigil in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew tomorrow.

Neika Lewis reports.

In a statement to the media, the PNP says the vigil is being held to bring awareness to what it describes as the brazen plundering of the public purse by members of the governing JLP.

But Senator Samuda says it’s important to note that the government has taken tangible steps to establish a legislative framework to deal with corruption.

He’s dismissing the anti-corruption vigil organized by the PNP as barefaced.

Senator Samuda says Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been firm in dealing with instances where alleged corruption has arisen.

Senator Samuda says the PNP and its leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, cannot be taken seriously in their utterances about corruption.