Senate President Tom Tavares Finson, is expressing confidence in the research which has gone into the development of the COVID-19 vaccines and says he’s prepared to take the shot.

Yesterday, the Nurses Association of Jamaica, NAJ said some of its members are apprehensive about the recommendation from the World Health Organization, WHO, that healthcare workers should be among the first to take the vaccine because they are on the frontline of the fight against the contagious virus.

The NAJ says some of its members feel that politicians should lead the way in taking the vaccine when it becomes available in Jamaica during the first few months of next year.

The Senate President, who’s a leading Queen’s Counsel, a Commissioner of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica and the Chairman of the National Gallery, says he has no problem taking the vaccine.

Senator Tavares Finson says he’s confident the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and has been properly vetted by independent international agencies.

Tom Tavares Finson Q.C, President of the Senate.

He was speaking today with Nationwide News.