The sentencing hearing for the five persons convicted on May 15 over a massive fraud at the Manchester Municipal Corporation is in progress.

Senior Parish Judge in St Elizabeth, exercising jurisdiction in Manchester, Her Honour Ann-Marie Lawrence Grainger is presiding over the matter.

Former Superintendent of Roads and Works at the Corporation, Sanjay Elliot, the mastermind behind the fraud, his former employee Dwayne Sibblies, former Acting CEO, David Harris and former Temporary Works Overseer, Kendale Roberts were all found guilty

Sanjay Elliott, Tasha-Gaye Goldbourne Elliott, and Dwayne Sibbles are being represented by Attorney Norman Godfrey.

Mr. Godfrey  is asking for a suspended or  a brief sentence Mr. Elliot if imprisonment is the verdict.He asked that he be given the opportunity to remain outside the corridors of an adult correctional to contribute as he can to the development of his community

Mr. Godfrey says Mr. Elliot is  the main breadwinner for his family.

He adds that the pressure of the situation has placed the family under severe emotional strainafter he lost his job.

29 years old Tahsa Gaye has been convicted on 2 counts of facilitating the retention of criminal property.

Mr. Godfrey says at the time of the arrest she was in an advanced state of pregnancy and did what she did  to facilitate legal representation.

The court is being asked to take into account the age of the children and the type of sentence which may be imposed.

31 year old Sibblies has found himself in a predicament and would benefit from supervision  by way of a probation order or by way of a suspended sentence

The trial began last year.