Chief Justice Bryan Sykes is reporting that a majority of parish courts across the island have exceeded their criminal case clearance target for this year.

The chief justice says all but one of the courts have met the international benchmark for case clear up and back log reduction.

Chief Justice Sykes, who is head of the judiciary, says the reductions bode well for efficiency and the delivery of a high standard of justice.

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The Jamaican Justice system has long been hampered by significant case backlogs and delays.

But at at least one level of the system, the chief justice says significant progress has been made.

He says the parish courts are ahead of target.

The chief justice says the majority of the parish courts across Jamaica have met the international best practice for case clear up and disposal.

He says this achievement is particularly impressive considering the ongoing pandemic.

Justice Sykes has singled out the Manchester Parish Court for special commendation. 

He says it has been particularly effective in clearing criminal cases.

He says this is a good sign for backlog reduction in the parish.