An active police investigation is still in progress this morning to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the killing of a prominent businessman, Randy Mair.

That investigation appears to have gathered steam following a Nationwide News report yesterday questioning the circumstances of the killing.

Mr. Mair was found dead in his Norbrook St. Andrew home on Friday May 20.

The only report from the police so far issued late last evening, nine days after his killing, is that Mr Mair was robbed of what they say is his blue Mercedes Benz motorcar and then shot dead by unknown assailants.

The police have given his name as Horace Mair and say he was 74 years old.

Robian Williams filed this report yesterday.

There’s uncertainty and several questions about how Randy Mair was murdered in his Norbrook upper St. Andrew residence between Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21.

Mair is a well known construction development Project Manager. He was found dead in his Gwendon Park Avenue Norbrook residence.

It is unclear how Mr. Mair was killed. There’s been no official Police report of the incident and several attempts to get details have been largely unsuccessful.

This is what we have been able to piece together. Police sources tell us three unused bullets were found at the scene.

There were no signs of forced entry to Mair’s house.

According to our sources, Police investigators on arrival found his lifeless body and a trail of bloody footprints that led to the gate of the property.

Nationwide News was told that from all indications Mr. Mair was expecting visitors, as his dining table was set and preparations made for a meal.

Mair’s vehicle, a Bell Jeep was reportedly found the following Sunday, May 22, in Payne Land South West St. Andrew.

The mystery surrounding Mair’s death has caused some level of disquiet among residents of the upper St. Andrew community.

The fact that no official statement has come from the police neither an update into the state of their investigation has also raised questions.

Our News Team made several attempts to solicit information from the police.

On our first call to the Corporate Communication’s Unit, CCU, of the Jamaica Constabulary Force it was evident that the Constable was not aware of the incident, but tried to assist by contacting the Constant Spring Police Station.

After the follow up call, we were told the police at Constant Spring Police Station were searching for the entry and would be sending an email to CCU.

Calls to the Head of CCU, SSP Stephanie Lindsay and other Senior Officers went unanswered.

Mair is said to be the cousin of Oliver Mair Jamaican Consul General for Southern USA.

Consul General Mair posted on his Facebook page recently, “No Words…RIP Cousin Randy, My condolences to our entire family and friends”

Mair is also the father of a Senior Vice-President of one of the country’s leading commercial banks.