Commander of the St. Catherine South Police Division, Superintendent Christopher Phillips, says shootings and murders are on the rise in Naggo Head in the parish.

Our news center spoke to Superintendent Phillips this afternoon, while he was processing another crime scene in the area.

He confirmed one fatality.

This follows the fatal shooting of cable technician, Keran McCollin, in the same community on Saturday.

The Superintendent says the community is hot!

Hykel Nunes reports.

Superintendent Phillips confirmed another fatal shooting in Naggo Head this afternoon.

The police have launched an investigation into the killing of the 39-year-old technician, Keran McCollin, in Naggo Head last Saturday afternoon.

The allegations are that he was gunned down by gangsters in broad daylight, after he refused to disconnect security cameras at his home.

Superintendent Phillips says the police are trying to determine if gangsters are targeting houses with surveillance cameras.

According to the St. Catherine South Commander, the zinc structures in the community, maybe problematic for the implementation of Jamaica Eye security surveillance.

However he says he’s not ruling it out.

Superintendent Phillips says there has been heavy police presence in the area.

He says the security forces would welcome the implementation of social intervention programs in the community.