The Student’s Loan Bureau, SLB is responding to concerns from some students at the University of the West Indies that they’ll be de-registered from their courses today despite getting approval for loans from the bureau.

Speaking with Nationwide News yesterday, Acting Executive Director of SLB, Charmaine Rose Anderson says she apologises for the anxiety that the students are facing.

But Ms. Anderson says not all of the blame belongs with the loan bureau.

She says some students submit improper documents and sometimes documents are late.

According to Ms. Anderson, the application process was extended and students had at least 10 months to complete and submit their paperwork.

Charmaine Anderson, Acting Executive Director of the Student’s Loan Bureau.

She says she is hoping to update some students’ statuses by next week.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Manager for the Loan processing department, Anieka Hughes, says the number one issue the SLB faces is incorrect guarantor signatures.

Anieka Hughes, Assistant Manager for the Loan processing department at the SLB.