Opposition Spokesman on National Security Fitz Jackson says growing evidence suggests the States of Public Emergency across the island are worsening crime in the country.

In a statement over the weekend, Mr. Jackson called on the government to provide a one-off payment to overworked security personnel who are suffering from burn-out.

Mr. Jackson says the recent gruesome murder of a businessman and his wife in Negril, Westmoreland, one of the five parishes under a SOE re-affirms the Holness administration’s continued failure to manage Jamaica’s crime problem.

He says the overuse of SOE has nullified the shock and awe effect that would stop criminals in their tracks and allow normal policing to proceed.

The South St. Catherine MP points to statistics for last week in which, 36 more Jamaicans were murdered in one week.

He says no more evidence should be needed to convince the government that their SOE crime-fighting policy is only worsening the country’s crime situation.

Meanwhile, he says the government’s decision to deploy security personnel in SOE areas, while destroying effective policing across the other Police Divisions has burned out members of the JCF at all ranks.

Mr Jackson says the country’s security forces need to be encouraged in light of the over-extended demands it’s members.

He’s, therefore, calling for a one-off payment to the police and other security personnel for the upcoming holiday.

This he says should be reflected in their salaries for December 2019.

Mr, Jackson says failure by the government to even consider such a payment further underscores their insensitivity for the sacrifices being made by the police and other security personnel.