Residents of several surrounding communities broke down the gates of the JISCO plant in St. Elizabeth on Monday.

They were venting their dissatisfaction with the dust nuisance from the plant.

They are demanding compensation for their suffering.

Councilor for the Myersville division, Layton Smith, says added to the poor management of the mud lake, JISCO has refused to compensate residents for maladies caused by the lake since the temporary closure.

Dust from the mud lake has been affecting surrounding communities for years.

However, residents are complaining that in recent times the dust nuisance has worsened.

The Councilor says the input of the National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA, hasn’t been substantial.

He says representatives of NEPA have only met with JISCO but not the residents.

Councilor Smith says after the protest, a delegation met with JISCO’s management and a new agreement reached.

Negotiations on the outstanding issues are scheduled for Monday with representatives of the Alpart Community Council and the bauxite company.

Layton Smith, Councilor for Myersville Division in the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation.