President of The Mico University College, Dr. Asburn Pinnock, says the teacher-training institution will be in a position to address the STEM teacher shortage affecting the island.

STEM is short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

According to Dr. Pinnock, there’s been a surge in the number of applicants to the Mico University College since the government introduced a scholarship to train STEM teachers.

But, Dr. Pinnock says even with the increase in teachers, more resources should be dedicated to teacher training schools and regular schools to get them prepared to implement the STEM curriculum.

He says this is part of the reason the Mico University College is seeking funding to set up the National STEM Centre for Research and Innovations in Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Pinnock says for the country to fully benefit from the STEM curriculum then satellite sites should be set up in communities that expose unattached individuals to STEM teaching.

Dr. Asburn Pinnock, President of The Mico University College.

Meanwhile, a graduate of a STEM School, the Florida Institute of Technology, Brandon Henry, says his training made him employable directly out of school.

Brandon Henry, a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology,
Both were speaking during yesterday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Kemiesha Kelly.