The parents of the two students injured in the deadly tripping jump prank say their children didn’t report their injuries to them.

Rasheed and Crystal, who attend popular Corporate Area high schools sustained injuries after their peers tricked them into jumping before tripping them.

Rasheed Bullock’s a Meadowbrook High School student who broke his left arm after being goaded into the dangerous prank.

He says his peers challenged him to jump for a hundred Jamaican dollars.

But, the injury he sustained will be more costly.

His mother is Kerrisa Dockery.

In his defense the grade nine boy says he didn’t know his injuries were that serious and one of the boys later apologized.

Rasheed is to return to school today.

Ms. Dockery says her son’s to visit a bone specialist on Thursday.

She’s also to meet with the school and other stakeholders shortly to discuss among other things the cost of Rasheed’s medical expenses.

Meanwhile, Grade 10 student at the Kingston Technical High School, Crystal Hutchinson, suffered head and back injuries after her classmates allegedly tricked her into the deadly jump.

A viral video was also how her mother, Karen McDonald Robinson, discovered that her daughter had been hurt as a result of falling victim to the dangerous tripping jump prank.

She says her daughter’s also been facing backlash from some on social media describing her as an ‘idiot’.

Meanwhile, the Police are warning persons to desist from participating in the dangerous tripping jump prank.

The Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, says the prank can attract prosecution.

Dahlia Garrick is a Deputy Superintendent of Police attached to the CCU.

DSP Dahlia Garrick, Officer attached to Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU..

The prank involves three individuals, one of whom is oblivious to the danger that lurks.

The victim is placed in the middle and is coerced into jumping after the other two persons have jumped.

While suspended in the air, the two persons on either side would then kick the person’s legs resulting in a violent freefall to the ground.

The dangerous prank has left some students with serious injuries.