The Supreme Court has granted an injunction blocking the police from issuing traffic tickets in excess of fines beyond the rates which applied in 2006.

The interim order was issued by Justice Sonia Bertram Linton in the matter brought by Maurice Housen against the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police.

The interim order will remain in place until the trial which is set for 2023.

The case has also reportedly become a class action suit.

Justice Linton has permitted Housen to be the representative of other drivers and motor vehicle owners who were issued traffic tickets and paid a fine in excess of the measures approved up to 2006.

The claimant wants the court to make an order for the government to refund persons who were illegally fined.

Speeding tickets which now have a maximum fine of $10,000 will have to be rolled back to $2000 which was the fine in 2006.

The interim order is expected to affect the government’s projection to raise more than $200 million from traffic tickets and fines this fiscal year.