Chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited, SVL, Gary Peart says he’s not opposed to a new licensee in the lucrative gaming industry but another major operator would affect the returns for the government.

Mr. Peart was speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning.

His response follows reports by Nationwide News recently that there was a new application by a local gaming company to be a licensee in the multi-billion dollar local lottery industry.

He says globally the evidence will show that majority of the countries with the lucrative gaming business only has one operator.

The SVL Chairman says that this is the most efficient model for the government.

Gary Peart, Chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited, SVL.

He was speaking on Cliff Hughes Online this morning.There’re currently three lottery licenses in Jamaica. However only SVL is operational.

The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission, BGLC, says the Commission is mindful of concern among some stakeholders that a small jurisdiction such as Jamaica cannot accommodate a second major lottery license.

The BGLC has not yet made any decision on the application.

Mr. Peart is emphasising that the  BGLC has not commissioned a study on the feasibility of having another major operator in the business.

He advised that with the nature of the lottery industry in Jamaica, a study that would guide the BGLC to make an informed decision is important.

And Mr. Peart who is a former Chairman of the BGLC says he didn’t commission a study during his chairmanship because it wasn’t required.
Mr. Peart was Chairman from 2012 to 2016.

Gary Peart, Chairman of Supreme Ventures Limited, SVL.