Take me to court!

That’s the reaction of PNP caretaker for South East Clarendon, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, to being rebuked by the Director of Elections and the Political Ombudsman.

The public reprimand came after images circulating on social media showed Mrs Duncan Sutherland wearing a white t-shirt with the word observer printed on the back.

Co-chairs of the election centre, Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown and Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown condemned the action.

In an interview on Nationwide at 5, with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid, Mrs Duncan Sutherland confirmed that she was wearing the t-shirt.

But, the PNP standard-bearer says she was there as a citizen observing the election outside of the polling station.

In its strongly worded statement yesterday, the Election Centre advised the public that only Citizens Action for Free and Fair Elections, CAFFE, had bee accredited with official observer status by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ.

Mrs. Duncan-Sutherland says the word observer is not an official status.

Mrs Duncan Sutherland says she was using the by-election as an opportunity to canvass voters.

Paricia Duncan Sutherland, PNP caretaker for South East Clarendon.

Meanwhile…General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, Dr Horace Chang is describing Mrs. Duncan Sutherland’s action as unethical.

Dr Horace Chang, General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP.

He was speaking on yesterday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid.