All police officers whose weapons were discharged during an incident that left three men dead in Morvant two Saturdays ago are to be placed on administrative duty.

The Express understands that this decision has been taken regarding “all” officers who would have fired their weapons during the encounter in which Morvant residents Noel Diamond, Israel Clinton and Joel Jacobs were killed.

The action came yesterday shortly after a statement from the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago, LATT, expressing concern with increased police killings and calling on Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to suspend the officers involved in that encounter.

The association had called on Griffith to “take immediate steps to identify those officers who were involved in the shootings and, without making any determination as to guilt, send them on administrative leave so that the investigations may proceed without hindrance”.

In a scathing rebuttal following the LATT’s statement, Griffith advised that if the organisation wanted to see a reduction in police shootings its members should “tell their clients to stop being in possession of illegal firearms”.

Protesters emanating out of East Port of Spain following the men’s deaths have demanded justice, accusing the police of persistent victimisation and of making the men the latest victims of extra-judicial killings.

A 30-year-old Beetham mother of five, Ornella Greaves, was also fatally shot during the protests, sparking more cries of an uncaring attitude by the police towards so-called ‘hotspot’ communities.