The Police have charged 26-year-old Tevon Binns, otherwise called ‘TJ’ with abduction and rape in relation to the case involving Mira* in St. James last weekend.

He has also been charged with Possession and Dealing in Ganja, and Unlawful possession of Property for items the police found at his house during the operation to rescue Mira.

Mira was reportedly abducted last Thursday and raped several times over a 24 hour period by Binns, who is a taxi driver.

According to police reports, Mira boarded the taxi with the intention of traveling to Montego Bay.

But, while traveling, she noticed that the driver made a detour.

She says she believed the driver was trying to find other passengers but when it became apparent that that wasn’t the case Mira began to engage the suspect in conversation.

According to reports, Binns took her back to a house in St. James, where he reportedly raped her several times between Thursday Afternoon and Friday.

During this time, her friends and family were unable to reach her.

Police sources say text messages Mira was able to later send to a family member and a covert operation were integral in her rescue from a house in a scheme in St. James.

*Name has been changed.