Some taxi operators will be withdrawing their services over the next few days, while others have already withdrawn.

Head of Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, TODSS, Egeton Newman, says members have been instructed to withdraw services for the next three days beginning today.

According to Mr. Newman, the threat of the COVID 19 virus impacts the sector significantly and says TODSS demands an audience with the Ministers of Transport and Health on a way forward.

When asked how he expects the public to commute without the essential service he suggested the private taxi service.

While Mr. Newman admits the measure is draconian, he says it’s necessary to get a response from the government.

Meanwhile, President of Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators, JATOO, Louis Barton, says some of their members have also opted to withdraw services.

He’s urging a coordinated effort among taxi associations to guarantee a full some response from the authorities on the protocol in light of COVID 19.

However, Raymond Bynes, Head of the All Island Taxi Association says his team has not made such decisions as they’re in dialogue with the relevant ministries.

His statement followed St. James Taxi Association’s President, Dion Chance who encouraged his members to provide the service while following hygienic guidelines.