The Ministry of Transport and Mining says it has received a formal application for a fare increase from the Route Taxi Association Alliance, RTAA.

Transport Minister, Robert Montague, accepted the application which requested an 80 percent increase, giving his commitment to continuing dialogue with the Ministry of Finance, while maintaining communication with the Alliance.

President of the National Council of Taxi Associations, NCOTA, Allan Blair, says the sector is pleased with the Ministry’s response.

Minister Montague noted that a fare adjustment is inevitable and on the horizon, however, discussions will have to continue with Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke, before arriving at a decision.

The Minister also outlined that other adjustments are necessary to ensure the viability of a fare adjustment.

Mr Blair says while he cannot give a timeline based on the Ministry’s statement, the Alliance is hoping to receive word of an increase soon.

Following the meeting between the Alliance and the Ministry, the Alliance says it’s committed to participating in any initiative which will help to reform the industry.

Allan Blair, NCOTA President.