Feared Criminal Convict Tesha Miller has been sentenced to 38 years in prison for two counts of Accessory to Murder.

The judgement was handed down moments ago in the Supreme Court.
Presiding Judge Georgiana Fraser told the Court that Miller was deserving of a custodial sentence.

She says Miller is yet to show the capacity for reform.

Judge Fraser in handing down her sentence said the offenders capacity for reform must start with admitting wrong doing.

However, Miller has insisted he is innocent.

She says despite the glowing social enquiry report from the defense certain aspects have given her disquiet.

The judge noted inconsistencies such as information provided as to his place of residence.

Lawyers for the defense also styled Miller as a family man yet no children were interviewed.

As a result she viewed the enquiry with mixed feelings.

Judge Fraser also noted the described role played by the offender is similar to that of a puppet master and the use of guns for murder in our society being far too prevalent.

The Judge says due to the lack of direct sentencing guidelines for the offences, instead of imposing a life sentence she would Instead impose a fixed one.

This means Miller must serve the 38 years in their entirety.

That’s in relation to the 2008 killing of then Jamaica Urban Transit Company Chairman, Douglas Chambers.

The sentence hearing began this morning amidst heavy security presence in the Supreme Court.

Last December, Miller was convicted of accessory to murder before and after the fact by a 7-member jury.

The state’s main witness in the trial says Mr. Chambers was killed on the orders of Tesha Miller as a contract.

The man often styled the leader of the notorious Spanish Town based Klansman Gang will leave prison when he is 77 years old.