Marjorie Gordon reports.

The star witness in the trial of Tesha Miller, says the then Chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, Douglas Chambers, was killed on a contract.

Tesha Miller is on trial for being an accessory to murder before and after the fact.

The witness also told the court that Tesha Miller revealed the identity of Mr. Chamber’s killer to the rest of the men.

The witness continued his evidence before Justice Georgianna Fraser in the Supreme Court today.

The Prosecution’s main witness had already told the court that Tesha Miller gave the order to kill Mr. Chambers.
He said he was present at a meeting when the order was given.

The witness says he was also present on the day Chambers was killed, because he was among a group of men charged with creating a diversion.

According to the witness, on the day of the killing he was standing across the street at a stall when a car parked at the entrance of the JUTC depot. 

The witness says some time after Mr. Chambers walked to the gate smoking a cigarette.

He says shortly after a hooded figure exited the car and opened fire on Mr. Chambers.

The witness says Mr. Chambers fell to the ground, then another person he knew, came out of the car and continued shooting Mr. Chambers while he was on the ground.

The witness says as the men in the car made their escape, he and the diversion group started shooting.

When the witness was asked by the prosecution why Chambers was killed he replied -quote – it was a contract. -end quote.

Miller’s attorney, Bert Samuels, objected to this.

Mr. Samuels says the witness answered a question that was not asked.

But when the witness was asked by Presiding Judge Georgianna Fraser if Miller told him the killing was a contract the witness said yes.

Meanwhile, the witness says, he knew the hooded figure who first shot Mr. Chambers was Andre Bryan because, 
Miller told him.

The witness says Miller made the revelation when they met face to face the following day.

Mr. Samuel’s also raised objection to this.

He said the witness naming Miller would be hear say by both the witness and Miller, since his client wasn’t present at the shooting.

But the statement was allowed by the Judge.

The witness went on to tell the court that Miller arranged for Bryan to be put on a boat to the Cayman Islands after the assassination.

The trial of Miller will resume tomorrow morning at 10.