Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says a protocol should be established to guide the police on the appropriate action to take when drivers are unable to immediately produce a driver’s license when asked to do so.

Minister Chuck made the recommendation during an interview today with our news centre.

The Justice Minister’s comments follow a video which has gone viral online.

The video shows an altercation between a Policeman and a retired Superintendent of Police.

Head of the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Branch, Deputy Commissioner Selvin Haye, says the pepper spraying incident is being investigated.

Abka Fitz-Henley reports.

A Police Constable can be seen in the video twice pepper spraying the retired Superintendent of Police, Altermoth ‘Parro’ Campbell.

The disabling weapon was sprayed into the retired officer’s eyes.

Campbell was stopped by the Constable in a section of the Corporate Area.

The video shows the retired Policeman telling the Constable that he did not have his driver’s license.

The Constable then demanded that the retired Superintendent exit the motor vehicle he was driving to be taken into custody.

Retired Superintendent Campbell declined and was pepper sprayed twice by the Constable.

Justice Minister Chuck says he’s seen the video and feels a protocol may be necessary to guide the police.

Minister Chuck says the Constable had other options.

In the meantime, Mr. Chuck says it must be noted that the section of the new Road Traffic act which makes it mandatory for a motorist to immediately produce a driver’s license is not yet in effect.

Delroy Chuck, Justice Minister.

Checks by our news centre confirm that some sections of the amended Road Traffic Act were gazetted and brought into effect in April.

However, Section 20 of the amended act which requires a motorist to immediately produce a driver’s license is not yet in effect.