Nationwide News understands that three employees, including an 80-year-old female manager at the Clifton Boys Home in Westmoreland, have been arrested and charged with assault.

It’s understood that 80-year manager at the Boys Home, Irene McDonald has been charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm and Unlawful Wounding.

Also charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm is 58-year-old William McDonald.

McDonald is the assistant manager at the Clifton Boys home.

35-year-old house keeper at the Boys Home, Rasheda McDonald, has also been charged with assault occasioning body harm.

The trio were questioned by the police earlier this week and criminal charges laid.

It’s understood that the charges relate to the beating and severe injury of several children at the Clifton Boys home.

While responding to questions from our news center, a guarded State Minister of Youth, Robert Nesta Morgan, a short while ago confirmed the arrests.

Mr. Morgan says as a general policy position the Government of Jamaica will not tolerate abuse or assault of children.

Minister Morgan says it’s important to note that children’s home must take seriously their duty of care.

Robert Nesta Morgan, State Minister of Youth speaking with Nationwide News.