According to the National Works Agenct, NWA, Motorists using the Three Miles area now have the option of travelling by one of the newly built bridges at the intersection.

The agency says it will be allowing motorists to use a section of the lower level bridge along Spanish Town Road for the next two weeks.

This as it completes critical pipe-laying works on the ground level.

Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, says  the side of the bridge, which motorists would use to travel east to Downtown Kingston is now accommodating two- way traffic.

He says it will allow one lane in either directions.

Mr Shaw says these arrangements are temporary and the bridge will be re-closed following the completion of the underground works.

He says motorists may encounter delays during peak hours as the driving surface is incomplete in some sections.

The Agency is also reminding persons using the bridge that the lanes are still unmarked and street lights have not yet been installed.

It’s also urging motorists to exercise due care when travelling on the overpass.

The NWA says the Spanish Town Road bridge works is approximately 96% complete with paving completed in some areas.

It says road markings, installation of street lamps and construction of 20 meters for retaining walls remain outstanding.

An end of August completion date is set for the reopening of the Three Miles interchange.